Digital vs Offset Printing

Most articles that you see comes from a point of view of someone that has interests in one or the other printing technology. Bidon Press offers both offset and digital printing somewhat our view regarding the two methods are neutral.

Offset is usually looked at as the higher quality choice, although, digital printing has vastly improved to where the difference is pretty small now. Offset printing prints PMS colors easier and reproduces solid screen tints better. Offset prints higher quantities at much less cost than digital printing. The cutoff is usually anywhere from 500 to 2000 sheets.

Quantity and timeframe are usually the deciding factors in whether to use offset printing or digital printing. Offset printing gives you much better options of printing larger sheets as long as you are doing more than a few of any item. Most digital presses only print up to a 14×20 sheet although 12 x18 is the most common sheet size.

Digital printing is used primarily when you need something very quickly or in very small quantities. Digital printing also gives you the opportunity to print variable text or images where each sheet off the press is unique in some personalized way. Once a sheet is off a digital press it can be cut, folded or finished very quickly where offset printing must dry or be coated before handling. There are very few digital presses that print true PMS colors or Spot Colors.

  • 01 Consultation

    We offer free consultation for potential clients who have printing requirements. We also offer branding and identity development through our industry partners. We can point you to the right direction and the best solution that you need to use to get quality printed materials while making sure that prices are reasonable.

  • 02 Pre Press

    We offer pre press services to help clients put their raw ideas into real images, artworks & layouts. Processes like: typesetting, copy-editing, markup, proofing & proofreading, screening & adjustment, production of high-quality print file are carefully executed and then sent for printing.

  • 03 Press

    Our 32 years of industry experience helps us accomplish printing jobs of any complexity. Our press equipments are well maintained and our operators are well trained. We follow strict quality assurance standards. We make sure that all products that comes off our press is in perfect quality.

  • 04 Post Press

    Our post press services completes the production cycle of your printing job. Cutting & folding, binding, lamination, stamping, numbering are just some post press processes that we offer. Up to this point we make sure that we maintain strict standards making sure that pur output meets international standards.

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