Pricing and Quotation

Can you quote items other than what is listed on your products page?

Yes we can! Customized orders are our expertise. If it is printed then we can do it. It is best that we get a sample or a mock-up of the actual material so we can make the quotation fair for both the client and our company.

How can I get an estimate for my printing requirements?

You can request for a quote here via our online form or you can contact us by phone or email. Please provide as much detail and information about your requirement.

What is the turn around time for an estimate?

Depending on the nature and complexity of the job, an estimate can be given within 24 to 48 hours, at most.

How long is an estimate valid?

Most estimates are valid for thirty (30) days. If we do not receive an order within the said period, we would recommend that we review the old quotation to check if it is still accurate.

How much are the usual prices of common printed materials?

A lot of factors like paper type, number of colors, quantity, etc affect the price per unit of a printed material. The reason why we do not give specific prices because each printing job is unique. Please contact us with specific details about your printing job and we will be glad to send you our quotation.

  • 01 Consultation

    We offer free consultation for potential clients who have printing requirements. We also offer branding and identity development through our industry partners. We can point you to the right direction and the best solution that you need to use to get quality printed materials while making sure that prices are reasonable.

  • 02 Pre Press

    We offer pre press services to help clients put their raw ideas into real images, artworks & layouts. Processes like: typesetting, copy-editing, markup, proofing & proofreading, screening & adjustment, production of high-quality print file are carefully executed and then sent for printing.

  • 03 Press

    Our 32 years of industry experience helps us accomplish printing jobs of any complexity. Our press equipments are well maintained and our operators are well trained. We follow strict quality assurance standards. We make sure that all products that comes off our press is in perfect quality.

  • 04 Post Press

    Our post press services completes the production cycle of your printing job. Cutting & folding, binding, lamination, stamping, numbering are just some post press processes that we offer. Up to this point we make sure that we maintain strict standards making sure that pur output meets international standards.

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