Digital Printing

In order to stay competitive, we have invested in Digital Printing.

Digital printing eliminates a number of pre press production phases thus it allows on demand printing with a short turn around. Moreover, once a sheet is off a digital press, it can be passed on quickly to post press production as opposed to offset printing outputs that needs to be dried or be coated before handling.

Technological advancement in digital printing also give printers the ability to modify the image being printed at each impression allowing personalization of some elements of the printed output.

We are aware that client’s needs are not the same. Digital printing is the best solution for clients that need output very quickly, in smaller quantities. This is also a good solution for printing jobs that require variable text or image inputs for customization and personalization.


  • 01 Consultation

    We offer free consultation for potential clients who have printing requirements. We also offer branding and identity development through our industry partners. We can point you to the right direction and the best solution that you need to use to get quality printed materials while making sure that prices are reasonable.

  • 02 Pre Press

    We offer pre press services to help clients put their raw ideas into real images, artworks & layouts. Processes like: typesetting, copy-editing, markup, proofing & proofreading, screening & adjustment, production of high-quality print file are carefully executed and then sent for printing.

  • 03 Press

    Our 32 years of industry experience helps us accomplish printing jobs of any complexity. Our press equipments are well maintained and our operators are well trained. We follow strict quality assurance standards. We make sure that all products that comes off our press is in perfect quality.

  • 04 Post Press

    Our post press services completes the production cycle of your printing job. Cutting & folding, binding, lamination, stamping, numbering are just some post press processes that we offer. Up to this point we make sure that we maintain strict standards making sure that pur output meets international standards.

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